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Information for Commissioners

We want all children to achieve their potential no matter what their socio-economic or SEMH constraints. We offer a diverse curriculum which allows us to enrich our activities to meet with greater flexibility the needs of learners from all age groups with a broad range of presenting behaviours, whether they are in or out of school.  Currently, we are working with more than 90 schools and referral bodies across Beds, Herts and Bucks.


Through our tapered approach we introduce the young person to our provision in a way that feels comfortable and progressive. This can include video introductions, pre-visits and home visits if required, to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Our programmes align with the National Curriculum (in particular the 2019 PSHE Framework) and OFSTED requirements. See our diagram below for details.  Beyond personal development, our well-considered and balanced curriculum contributes to the wider world, resilience, confidence and independence. We demonstrate a rich, learner-led experience which is captured through weekly session notes showing progress being made aligned to pre-agreed objectives.   


We can deliver programmes during school holiday periods and we are developing ways to increase our reach into schools via different mediums.


If you require further information, please visit the Our Programmes section of our website or contact us for a copy of our full Programme Summary.

programme summary curriculum diagram v3.jpg
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