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Information for
Parents and Carers

We understand the challenges faced by parents in getting the best help and support for their children. Navigating that route can be a complicated and lonely place and options can seem limited.  


At Stable & Wild we can offer your child an alternative, safe, experienced and non-judgemental space where they can feel supported and understood. This environment is the first step on the road to making lasting and meaningful change.


Through bespoke carefully planned sessions tailored to your child’s needs we use animals and the outdoors to support their development in an entirely different  and non-confrontational way. The impact from these sessions can support a child to achieve their goals at home, in education and in life.

If you are just beginning to look into alternative provisions, check out our blog article 'Choosing the right Alternative Provision for your child'

If you require further information about Stable and Wild, take a look at our programmes section or get in touch with a member of our team.

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