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“I think J has really enjoyed his time [at Stable & Wild]. He’s enjoyed being able to spend time outdoors, with animals, and be away from the formal school setting. I know he really liked spending time with the animals and we all had a good laugh when he came home and did his impression of Jack the donkey. I think it's been invaluable for him to have some space to do something different and in a small group setting. I am pretty sure he'll miss it once he stops going.

Thanks for having him on the programme.”

Alameda School, Bedfordshire - Nuture Group Parent

Case Studies

Our team at Stable and Wild has supported 1000s of children and young people experiencing a wide variety of challenges which have impacted their well-being or their ability to engage confidently or positively in their every day life. The outcome of spending time at Stable and Wild for so many has been life-changing. 

Here are a few of our learners' inspiring stories ... if you would like to hear more, please do get in touch.

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