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Ethan's Story

"Ethan has attended the afternoon session following your session for the first time this week and has been going to English and Maths for the first time in a very long time! He says he is really enjoying his time with you".
Ethan's school

*name changed for anonymity

About Ethan

Ethan is a year 5 boy who attends a behaviour provision. He has ADHD for which he takes medication and an EHCP in place. His violent and aggressive behaviour, inability to control his emotions and actions when stressed and poor attendance has made him at risk of exclusion.


Ethan is an active learner who likes practical tasks, arts and crafts and loves being with the animals. He is open and honest and has a great sense of humour.

At Stable and Wild

From the start of the programme there was no violence or aggression displayed in this new environment and he avoided eye contact when challenged. It was evident the impact his family, especially his brother has on him. Ethan has benefitted from the non-judgemental environment that allowed him to talk through his feelings and thoughts about different situations.


He is very aware of the expectations and understands of the importance of keeping safe and has also grasped transferrable learning quite quickly, recently sharing with coach that during the programme he has ‘Found out that I am kind and helpful’ Ethan has huge engagement with the animals, and he has shared that his favourite things have been spending time with the horses and rabbits. The other young people on site affected his behaviour and energy levels so the 1-1 programme worked well for him.


More recently he worked in similar working spaces to other learners and has managed to regulate his behaviour. When working with another boy, he was able to take turns and give out praise. He appeared to understand the emotions of those in his company and if required adapted his energy to maintain the conversation.


Impact Measures and Outcomes

  • Ethan is able to spend more time in school and has increased engagement in lessons

  • Ethan is now able to take ownership of his session

  • Ethan has learned coping mechanisms that he has been able to transfer to school

  • Mum has feedback that the time with Stable and Wild has helped, and she would like school to increase the length of his session.

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