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Information for
Young People

Many young people can feel uncertain about coming somewhere new and unfamiliar and will be unsure about how being around animals can help them to feel better about life.


91% of all young people who come along to Stable and Wild report that they enjoy their first session and are pleased that they came along.


What will you see?

We have all kinds of animals, including chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits, goats, sheep pigs and horses too. We also have Jack, who hates to be ignored and always gets his point across!

You will get to know the animals at your own pace, the way they live and the unique characteristics that they all have.

Some of us discover that we prefer spending time with animals more than people.


Where you will be?

Our centre at Millbrook is the home to lots of different animals and we are in the countryside close to some woodland, so there are loads of places to explore and lots of opportunities to learn about nature, the outdoors and the community here at Stable and Wild. The learning takes place wherever you feel most comfortable – in the field, the stable, our cabin, or even sitting with the guinea pigs.


What will you do?

You will spend some time getting to know all of us and we will get to know a little about you too. You will spend time working with your coach and they will help you get used to being with us on site.  We will work with you to provide support when learning from the animals about how they live and cope with change and challenges.  We will discuss how the animals experiences and needs may be very similar to yours.

There will be some activities and tasks to complete and then time to chat through those with your coach. You will have a folder to record what you have achieved and this will contain photographs, worksheets or sessions reflections.


What will you achieve?

We hope that all of us at Stable and Wild will help you to achieve your own goals and that this will help you at home, back in school and in life generally moving forward. You may achieve a certificate or award and some young people may do more formal qualifications.


Most of all we hope you will enjoy your time with us and leave feeling better equipped to face life’s daily challenges.

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