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Megan's Story
*name changed for anonymity

About Megan

Megan is a Year 11, who is in the care of the Local Authority living in a group care home. The disorders she suffers from can lead to aggression towards others and herself. She also has dyslexia, so can need support with class-based learning. Megan is also receiving support from CAHMS in the form of regular therapy sessions. An application for an EHCP has been submitted to panel, but no decision has been reached.


Megan attended Stable and Wild in the hope that it would help her to build and maintain self-confidence, and healthy relationships and to understand and process her own thoughts and feelings with the overall aim of reintegration into an education setting.

At Stable and Wild

Megan's lack of self-confidence and self-esteem were evident. She struggled with mental health and wellbeing. She was running away and feeling suicidal, struggling to maintain healthy relationships with care home staff and others.


Eventually Megan was able to communicate positively with horse and coach and recognise that the horse was able to reflect her mood and mirror this back to her. She drew comparisons to her own anxiety levels and that of her horse and realised that with time and support she could build self-confidence and feel accepted.


Megan responded well to observing horse communication and relationships within the herd. This enabled her to reflect on social situations she was in outside of the session and consider that communication can mean different things to different people. She also began to develop an understanding of her anxiety in new environments and the support positive relationships with others can provide.


Her passion for horses enabled her to develop positive and healthy relationships and transfer this back into her daily life. Megan engaged positively throughout her programme and has achieved a L1 certificate in employability. Initially, she had no direction with her education, but she has now been accepted at Moulton College.

Impact Measures and Outcomes

  • Increased ability in building and maintaining positive and healthy relationships.

  • Increased understanding of different methods of communication

  • Recognising the impacts our behaviours can have on others around us and how this can make people feel.

  • Retaining information and learning new skills has led to increased self-confidence, enabling her to apply for and get a place at an equine college.

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