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One to One programmes

We understand that in order to learn young people need to feel relaxed and safe in their environment. We specialise in creating a learning space where young people feel listened to and understood and most of all not judged.


Our 1-1 programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual and to progress at their pace. Through a series of 75 min sessions, we use the animals, nature and open countryside to explore emotions and to gently challenge a young person’s current thinking.


Learning through experience and feedback from the animals, young people are quickly able to see how they are impacting the animals responses from the reactions they receive in return.

Being able to reflect on this and consider alternative strategies to bring about different results, is both empowering and builds confidence in the individual and this approach underpins much of the work that we do.


We always have the next progression steps in mind and although we do not promote ourselves as therapists, there are a lot of therapeutic practices used in our work. We explore feelings, emotions and how they are linked to behaviours as we focus on improving self awareness and confidence.


Courses can be used in multiple situations and as they are bespoke their duration can vary too. For instance, they can be used in the following ways:

  • As a means of supporting someone during a time of trauma or post trauma.

  • As a method of support alongside school or other external education

  • As an interim between home and returning to education

  • For excluded students they can be used to work through the challenges they face prior to returning to some form of education.


Some individuals have been out of education or may be struggling to remain in education and these programmes can really help to provide a progressive interim means of support and then aid the transition to the next step.


We constantly work within boundaries and challenge young people to think about their role in the wider world of education, family and community.


Measuring the impact we have is important to us in order that we can learn, grow and further enrich the programmes we offer. It is also important for young people to reflect on how far they have come since starting with us. For this reason we are always seeking feedback from learners, commissioners and home are keen collect 360 degree feedback during our programmes, so we can fully support the young person during their time with us, enabling them to achieve the maximum outcomes possible.


​Our One to One programmes have grown in popularity in the last few years as they offer the opportunity to really focus on the specific issues that our clients are experiencing and need support with. The beauty of the One to One programme is that it is totally bespoke, so you can choose the day, time, duration and regularity.

The standard booking is for a 1hr 15 min session once a week for 6 or 12 weeks, but we can increase the frequency or duration to meet the specific needs of the client. These sessions are delivered in person at our centre in Bedfordshire and will follow a detailed referral from either a commissioning body, parent or self referral. The desired outcomes will be discussed and agreed, but these will be reviewed as the programme progresses and can evolve as work begins. The key to getting the most from these sessions is the ability to remain flexible and work at the client’s pace, offering the right level of empathy and support whilst also encouraging challenge and progression. The animals and our natural environment make this process very simple and enjoyable and much of the learning is through reflection, making it transferable back into every day life.

What are the outcomes?

  • These will be specific to the individual, but having worked with several thousand clients to date, we can say (and have evidence to prove) that the changes that are possible can be significant.

  • Some benefits are more easily quantifiable such as attendance or engagement at school. Others may be around the ability to function for longer periods of time or environments.different in

  • Our aim is always to support progression and this can be small steps. At times these may be steps backwards in order to move forwards again at a faster pace, but overall we are focused on enabling the client to move forwards at their own pace towards their next steps in life.

  • Schools may see improved confidence, greater control of emotions and better regulation of behaviour.

  • Parents may experience more harmony in the home and the client may feel more in control of their choices and more able to manage negative emotions or poor choices.

  • More information about our income via testimonials, case studies and feedback can be found on our Case Study page or on our social media channels.


If you require further information, please contact us for a copy of our full Programme Summary.

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