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What Are Parents Saying About Us?

We put a few questions to parents of learners who attend sessions with us - this is what they think about Stable and Wild.....

How does your child feel about coming to Stable and Wild?

“The farm has been the biggest impact on him – it’s been the most successful of anything else we’ve tried. He absolutely loves it!! Lisa has been so solid in supporting him, she’s absolutely fantastic!! I can’t speak highly enough of her!! You can tell her that from me!!”

“She looks forward to coming every week, it’s the highlight of her week. She struggles to get out of the house for most things but likes coming here as she knows there will be no expectations put on her whether she can stay all session or only a little while – Laura really “gets” her and puts no pressure on.” (Learner has PDA)

What changes have you seen since they’ve been attending?

“The improvement has been massive – she can now articulate when she’s struggling and will do things outside of her comfort zone. We used to only have 2 “safe spaces” where she would go but now she can do much more.”

What changes have you seen since they’ve been attending?

“She has started to manage her routine herself. She is trying to organise herself in the morning - she didn’t do that before. She is better at making decisions – I heard her with her friend recently saying “I don’t mind….no wait Laura told me I can't say that, “then she made a decision for herself!”

How would you sum up your experience as a parent with Stable and Wild?

“I honestly can’t say anything negative! Having somewhere as a parent where we are all understood is amazing. Giving parents advice, making a plan when she won’t attend, sending videos if she can’t make it in has been fantastic!”

“It’s made everyone’s life so much easier!! He can understand his own feelings better and will tell me if he’s feeling nervous now, like he knows the new horse felt nervous when it arrived at the farm. This has helped support the whole family.”

How would you rate our involvement with you and what else could we do to improve the course for your child or for you?

“It’s her favourite place ever! I honestly wouldn’t change anything! Even all the admin has been amazing – Lisa has been very proactive with the Local Authority, on top of everything admin wise, and Lisa and Jemma have attended all the meetings. You don’t get that everywhere.”

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